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Our company AVNM Inc. is proud to offer a design service of 3D models. If you need a model which is not already in the gallery or if you have special requirements, we can provide you with a high quality 3D model that exactly fits your needs.

We offer two types of design services, a free service and a professional design service starting at $99. You can use the table below to select the design type that is the most suitable for you:

Features of designs

Commercial designs Free designs

+ You are personally notified as soon as your request is completed

+ Requests for improved version of models which are already in the gallery are accepted

+ We send you a free preview of the model before you place your order

+ Based on 3-views plans

+ Remunerated expert designers

+ Materials delivered:
        x 2D views in DXF format
        x 3D object in DXF format
        x 3D object in VRML format
        x Project file in RcCad format

+ Includes a license for the full version of RcCad

+ Copyright free: you can use these materials for any commercial application

+ 10 days money-back guarantee

+ If some enhanced version of the model is received after your order has been issued, we will forward them to you for free

+ The requested model is included in the gallery at the end of the month

+ Only for models which are not already in the gallery

+ No quality requirement

+ All RcCad users can participate

+ Only VRML is delivered

+ No guarantee

Before sending a Call For Design, please check here that the model is not already in the gallery!

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(su-27, boeing, f-15...)



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