RcCad Screen Shots


Real-time rendering

Real-time morphing of the 3D model while you edit it


Insertion/removal of fuselage sections

Automatic trigonometric interpolation of fuselage sections


Smoothing tools to help in your fuselage design

Scale 1:1 printing

Picture import helps you to convert 2D plans to 3D objects!

Resize and move tools to fit the imported picture with your drawing

Example of a 2D plan picture overlayed with the drawing

Fuselage transparency to check the equipment location

Free color edition of each element (wing, stab, fuselages,...)

Different colors for easy identification of each type of equipment

Library for common RC equipment (servo, receiver, accu)


And now with the Flying Preview you can even fly your model   using your mouse or joystick!

Shot6.jpg (8141 bytes)


In July 2001, the version 2 was released. It adds the following features to RcCad:

Texture mapping on wing panels, stabilizer, vertical fin and fuselage.

VRML export of texture maps with automatic compression of texture images.

Shot7.jpg (16047 bytes)

Unlimited number of wing panels (this was limited to 2 before).

Shot9.jpg (17469 bytes)

Elevation offset of the fuselage.

Shot8.jpg (23266 bytes)

Independent background images for every views.

Improved user interface for Windows with "small fonts" settings.

Shot10.jpg (22146 bytes)

File format export

Export in VRML for publishing your 3D model on the web

Export in 2D-DXF format

Export in 3D-DXF format using free add-ins from Chris Stoddart

File format import

Bitmaps in bmp, gif and jpeg for background 3-views

File format compatibility

Backward compatibility: it is possible to read rcd files done with former versions of RcCad.

Forward compatibility: aircraft with 2 wing sections saved with RcCad Version 2 can still be read with former versions of RcCad.


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