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Latest improvements:
Unlimited number of wing sections
Texture mapping on wing, stab, rudder and fuselage
Export to VRML
Independent bitmaps for 3-views overlay
New "lock zoom" function for 3-views overlay
Possibility to set a different color for each wing panel
Improved Vrml export for fuselage and fin texture maps
Bug fix related to wing texture maps and .xy airfoils
V3.0.0 Beta
Full porting under C#/.Net for support of Vista and XP
V3.0.1 Beta
Support of screen height lower than 800 pixels

RcCad V2.2.1

for 95/98/NT/XP
(4.3 MBytes)

RcCad V3.0.0

for XP/Vista/Windows 7

(1.4 MBytes)


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Kindly provided by Chris Stoddart

RcCad to 3D Dxf Surfaces Converter V2.1

Export your 3D RcCad model to every CAD software like AutoCad, Turbocad, etc... Works with
demo and full version

RcCad Part Adder V2.2

Add parts like landing gear, propeller or rockets to your RcCad project! Works with
full version only

FMS converter V2.3

Converts RcCad project to the FMS RC-flight simulator! FMS can be downloaded for free HERE. Works with
demo and full version

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